Friday, 27 August 2010

Pre-Holiday Research Begins

Holiday planning is perhaps as much of an excitement to me as the actual trip. First, there is the research to book something. That is usually dependent on the budget - then it's all booked, and there is the anticipation and RESEARCH. I find it best to go prepared.

Now that I have no particular plans for the rest of the year, time to really look forward to our hoilday to Tenerife in December has arrived. It will be THE TRIP of this year. Our only holiday. So boy, I am excited. I have been doing research on and off since I booked it in March/April. But now, it's time for serious work.

Excursions, things to do around there, information about the area, the hotel, packing list - oh it's absolutely lots to do. And I am totally looking forward to it. :-)


  1. Another thing we both have in common: When we go on holiday we want to know our opportunites on the spot! :-)

    So, enjoy your researches and even more, later on, your well-deserved holiday! *g*

  2. I understand. There's so much to explore in any given place.

  3. How did the trip go? On which of your blogs have you posted your pictures of Tenerife?

  4. same here the booking and research is for me part of the holiday, so exciting !
    hope you'll have a great trip !