Monday, 21 December 2009

Let it Snow!

I am having a beautiful Monday. That is extremely rare because Mondays are usually annoying, having to come to work after weekends, getting up early in cold and usually grey weather. But today is special because I woke up to a snowy landscape.

Just before I went to bed yesterday, the snow was already settled and thick, fat snowflakes were still falling, so this morning, I walked out in the bright, white snow - making my own trail at least for a little while on the residential streets where the snow was still undisturbed.

Bristol isn't exactly known for getting snow in the winter, but last year we had some snow that settled for about 3 days, and this year is looking promising. So hurray for that :-)

Of course England is not equipped to handle snow so traffic becomes a nightmare, buses stop running, trains don't work ---but what the's gorgeous.


  1. you should come here. we have -25C and people keep saying tht worst is yet to come. so we have several snow storms .....enjoy ur snowy days ;)