Friday, 11 September 2009

Wroxton Abbey

Wroxton Abbey, Wroxton Village, Oxfordshire, England
AKA: The place closest to my heart

This is where I lived for a semeseter. A beautiful manor near Banbury, now owned by my American University, as a study abroad campus for American students. This was an experience of a life time. I always fancied living in a castle anyway, surrounded by beautiful grounds. Wroxton grounds have the best of both worlds, with well-maintained landscaped lawn at the front, and a little taste of country with woods and ponds at the back.

Mere two miles away from the city bustle of Banbury, within Wroxton it was tranquility itself, except for the students of course. Then once when electricity got cut off at night, I sat in the great hall, next to the knight in armour, and insisted there was a ghost which resulted in couple of scared girls being spooked totally. ;)

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